Best Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Birthday parties for kids have always been celebrated with great pomp and show, but with growing disposable incomes and the availability of event planners and convenient venues like indoor play centers, these annual events are taking on a place of greater importance in our lives. While birthday themes for boys are relatively restrictive, if you’re planning a birthday party for your daughter, you have the option to choose from a wide range of birthday party themes for your precious little one.

Here are a few interesting birthday party themes for girls:

Princess Theme

Every girl dreams of being a princess at some point of time or another. Indulge your daughter’s dreams by giving her a princess-themed party. The invitations can be in the form of a royal summons and you can have a large princess-shaped cake. Give your daughter a large tiara to accessorize her outfit with and watch her grin from ear to ear. This theme is best suited for girls upto the age of 10.

Color Theme

If your daughter has a favourite colour, weave your party theme around it. While most little girls are fans of pink, many prefer other colours too. So, check before you start planning the various elements of the birthday party. If you’re booking an indoor play center for the party, you can request them to decorate the place using that particular colour and serve snacks that are in sync with the party’s theme.

Picnic Theme

Let your child kick off their shoes and have a wonderful picnic for their birthday. While a park makes for an ideal venue for a picnic-themed party, many parents these days are opting for indoor picnics at indoor kids play places as this is a much safer and more convenient option.

‘Sheroes’ Theme

While we all celebrate superheroes, how about taking this opportunity to celebrate female heroes, both real and imaginary. You can ask your guests to come dressed as the woman who inspires them the most and give out prizes to the best dressed. This party can help get your daughter and her friends interested in knowing more about the many legendary women who have changed and continue to change the face of the world.

Cartoon Character Theme

While Barbie and Hello Kitty continue to be all-time favourites, Frozen and Tangled too are popular themes for girls birthday parties these days. Select an indoor play area that will decorate the venue accordingly and have themed snacks like cupcakes with toppers. You can also give away party favours, like stationery, bags, lunch boxes and other items, that have these cartoon characters printed on them.

Spa Party Theme

Pamper your favourite girl on her birthday with a spa-themed birthday party. You can arrange for all the guests to get their nails painted and have relaxing massages. This is a perfect theme for tweens and young teenagers, who are slowly discovering the world of beauty and wellness.

Fashionista Theme

Bring out the stylish diva in your daughter by throwing a fashion-themed party. All the attendees can play dress-up and flaunt their chosen styles. You can also organize a small fashion show where these young fashionistas can walk the ramp.

Sports Theme

Whoever said that sports are only for boys was sorely mistaken – Girls today enjoy playing and watching sports just as much as boys do. You can organize a sports party at an indoor play area, where experienced professionals can supervise an evening of fun and games. Hand out jerseys at the start of the party that the invitees can later take home with them. The cake, decorations, invitations and other elements of the birthday bash can all be based on sports.