Best birthday themes for boys

There is something about theme birthday parties for kids that gets everyone excited. It gets everyone more involved and is always more fun that just a regular party.

However, as much fun as a theme party is, it's also always hard to narrow down ideas for a theme. From monkeys and aliens to construction trucks and jungle animals—there is so much to choose from and so much to consider, including picking the right kids birthday party venues. If you want to go the extra mile and try something unique for your son's birthday this time around, here are some themes to choose from.

1. Little gentlemen

Every young boy wants to feel like a big man and this is the perfect way to do it. Dress your kid up in a suit with a cute little bow on his collar. Send out similar customised bows to the other kids along with their invite. You could decorate the place with bow cutouts, and have snacks, or even the birthday cake, in the form of bows and ties. Another great idea is to have cupcake toppers that are bow, tie or moustache-shaped. Don't forget to organise a photo shoot with the kids to make memories of all the shenanigans!

2. Pokémon

1 All children love Pokémon, and although this has been a popular theme for some time now, it is not likely to ever go out of style. Buy a Pokémon outfit for your child and make your own paper cutouts of Pokémon characters to decorate the birthday party venue. You could go for customised balloons with Pokémon pictures on them and a Pokémon themed cake. Go all out by getting Pokémon characters printed on mugs and distributing them as return gifts.

3. Harry Potter

This is one party that is bound to get even the parents super excited. If you're looking for a perfect birthday theme for an exciting and adventurous birthday, a Harry Potter themed party is a great choice. Make your own Hogwarts seal stamps, which you can stick to the invitation card to add a touch of authenticity, and paint owls on balloons, which you can hang around every corner of the outdoor or indoor play center. Give your guests wizard hats and wands to get them into character. Don't forget a customised Harry Potter birthday cake.

4. Race car

There is nothing that boys love more than cars. You could decorate your chosen birthday party venue with cutouts of cars and balloons with cars printed on them. Organize a makeshift racetrack and distribute tiny cars for kids to have their own racing games. Have a container with a tap filled with juice or any drink of your choice and label it ‘refueling station’, where kids can ‘fuel up’ whenever they want to. Have ‘pit-stop’ food with hotdogs, and cheese sticks with green, red and yellow peppers to look like stoplights.

5. Pirate

Pirates have a sense of mystery attached to them, which makes them very appealing to young boys. Distribute black hats with a danger sign printed on them, as well as eye patches, and red bandanas for the kids to wrap around their foreheads. Decorate your kid's birthday party venue with lots of black balloons, and organize a treasure hunt, where you send the kids off to find clues with the help of mini binoculars.

6. Superhero

Ask all the kids to come dressed as their favourite superhero. Make face masks of all the famous superheroes to make it feel more real. If your child is just superhero-mad and fancies the whole ensemble cast, then you can’t go wrong using a palette of red, blue, white and yellow for the party. The pop art or comic book style of superhero parties, with plenty of ‘kapows’ and ‘booms’, add a great touch to your superhero theme party.

With these amazing birthday theme ideas, your little one will be sure to always cherish his special day.