Don't Let the Rains Ruin your Child's Birthday–Indoor Birthday Party Venues to the rescue!

Indoor play areas offer kids a chance to stay physically active, especially in the dreary rains. If your child’s birthday happens to fall in the monsoons, chances are that your kid and his/her friends will value the opportunity even more to enjoy some fun, free play time indoors. With limited outdoor options because of the wet, cold and muddy conditions, planning a birthday party for kids at an indoor play area can prove to be a great alternative.

Birthday Fun in Any Weather

One of the major inconveniences of the monsoons in India is that they are rather unpredictable. You may plan a picnic in the park for your child’s fourth birthday, but the rains have a way of washing down all your plans. With indoor play areas such as Funky Monkeys, the weather will never be a concern again! Birthday party venues such as Funky Monkeys offer a climate-controlled environment that is clean and hygienic, enabling your child to have a memorable birthday party anytime of the year. Indoor spaces allow kids the opportunity to run, jump, crawl, climb and slide all year round without restricting play time!

Stress Free Party Planning

Don’t let the monsoons hamper party planning for your kid’s special day! Once you decide to celebrate your child’s birthday at an indoor play area, you will work closely with a birthday party coordinator who will guide you from start to finish in the planning process, making it a hassle free and fun and enjoyable experience.

Indoor play areas help with all the necessary arrangements from the décor, food and theme and will even provide you with customization options to ensure your party theme is unique and fun! Plan and personalize your child’s celebrations with exciting back presents from the in-house merchandise shop, a full range of entertainment, party extras and more!

Indoor play areas also come with a fully functional cafe that serves an exciting kiddie menu. Party planning can be easily done over the phone or with minimal visits to the birthday party venue, allowing you to bring to life your child’s dream birthday party, minus all the stress!

Safe and Secure Play Environment

The monsoons create breeding grounds for diseases and illnesses in the outdoors. Indoor play areas offer a clean and hygienic environment for your kids and their friends to enjoy a fun day out without having to be ‘outdoors’. With exciting play structures and adventure zones that are designed for kids of all ages, indoor play areas allow children to experience “Exercise in Disguise”. The play equipment is designed to meet the highest international safety standards and certifications. Furthermore, the kids are monitored by experienced staff who are always on hand to assist the children in order to facilitate smooth and injury free play.

Therefore, planning your kid’s celebration at an indoor birthday party venue is an excellent way to make sure your child’s big day is one that he/she will remember for a long time!

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