Reasons Why Your Child’s Birthday Is an Important Milestone and Why you as a Parent Should Take Your Child’s Birthday Party Planning Seriously

From the joy of your baby’s first smile, the day they lose their first tooth to their first day at school, these are all little big moments that are absolute priceless in those formative years! Amidst these, each year there is one recurring event that gets your child super excited and lets them know how important and loved they are!

For kids, the most exciting day of the year, definitely more important than any other holiday remains their BIRTHDAY! They count down months, weeks, days, hours and even minutes until this special day arrives, making it an important recurring milestone in their lives!

Seeing this anticipation, we as parents do all we can to make this yearly event even grander than the last one! In this blog, let’s first discuss why your child’s birthday is an important milestone and why you as a parent should take your child’s birthday party planning seriously, and then look at the best ways to plan it!

1. It is a self-esteem booster.

It is a great feeling for kids to see all their friends, who arrive to see them on their special day, bring colourful bags with presents and wish them a “Happy Birthday”. These actions and words might feel overdone for adults, but for kids this is a reassurance that they are cared for by many little people just like them.

2. Helps create friendships.

From a less academic standpoint, the value of celebrating birthday parties specifically can help kids build relations at school and may set them up with life-long friends. This is essential because it is already hard enough to work through the social barriers that kids have – from shyness to embarrassment, low self-esteem, bullying, and if as parents we have a chance to create social situations where our kids can have positive interactions with each other, it sets the stage for them to learn how to make friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

3. Great memories, which will last a life time.

As parents, there’s nothing more satisfying than listening to your child talk about every detail of his birthday celebration, how much all his friends enjoyed being a part of it and how the party went on to be a talking point among his peers. It’s a mini victory for you as a parent knowing that you were involved in creating such a wonderful memory for your child, one that is sure to last a lifetime!

However, the next big question lies in how we can ensure a successful kids birthday party celebration? As essential as planning ahead is, execution is key. Quite often than not, we seem to have wonderful ideas and we may try our best to execute them as well, but something always goes amiss. When you take the responsibility all by yourself, the hours of planning, shopping and catering also lead to a neglect in spending quality time. And there’s no sure shot way of ensuring that children will enjoy the party as they can get extremely moody.

However, don’t let these things make you give up on planning that perfect party for your child. If there’s one thing that we know, or rather one place that will never disappoint you or your child is an indoor play centre. Let’s shortlist some of the top reasons as to why it’s your best shot at throwing an epic kids birthday party!

1. Simple and Stress-free – At an Indoor kids play centre the reservations are quick, the party's easy, and clean-up's breezy because there are experts out there to help you out every step of the way. If you choose to host your child’s birthday at an indoor play area, you don’t have to worry about a thing. The indoor kids play area will not only turn their place into the perfect birthday party venue with appropriate decorations, but also take care of all the other elements, such as food and beverages, party invitations, return gifts, and even the highlight of every kid’s birthday party – the birthday cake!

2. Safe and monitored play - The last thing you want is one of your kid’s friends injuring themselves during the birthday bash. Not only will you have to face the wrath of the child’s parent, but also it will cast a gloom over the party, making it a complete flop show. Indoor play centres ensure a play area has been child proofed and the entire play session is monitored by multiple trained professionals. In case of any emergency, there are protocols in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone present.

3. Caters to all age groups - Most indoor play centres are designed to cater to kids of all age groups. So unlike hosting a birthday party at home where one cannot please all kids, the indoor play centres have equipment and activities that put a smile on every child’s face!

4. Lastly, in a city where accommodation rates are sky rocketing, not everyone has the space to throw in a party that can cater more than 20 children. So if you’re looking out to invite your kid’s school batch, an indoor play centre is your best option as they can easily accommodate over 100 kids at a go!

Find an indoor play area close to you and hop on over to plan a memorable birthday party for your little angel!