‘Exercise in Disguise ‘– The Hidden Benefits of an Indoor Play Area

Parents are constantly looking for ways to engage their children in physical activity that is also fun. Visiting an indoor play area offers the perfect solution for this. Play areas such as Funky Monkeys are more than just kids birthday party venues. They offer children as young as 6 months to as old as 12 years a chance to engage in active playtime that is fun.

An indoor play center is a fantastic way to give your children 60 minutes of physical activity and best of all it is ‘Exercise in Disguise’ as the kids are just having great fun….running, jumping, crawling and sliding…Play is what kids do best!

Key Health Benefits

The American Heart Association recommends that children get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day. When it is too hot or too wet outside, an indoor play area is the perfect solution. In an indoor play area, children are able to safely navigate through mazes and learn skills such as troubleshooting, exploring and broadening one’s imagination while climbing, sliding, crawling, jumping and more. With a variety of age appropriate activities, parents can make sure that their children stay active! As a result, their weight stays under control and it decreases their chances of suffering from chronic illnesses as they grow older.

Battling Childhood Obesity

Parents the world over are fighting issues related to childhood obesity. As kids grows up being glued to electronics and consume processed food, it is all the more important for parents to proactively find ways to include some physical activity into their child’s day. An indoor play area offers an exciting alternative to a tablet, compelling children to cave into their urge to jump, run, climb, swing and push the limits of their body’s capabilities while also building endurance and strength.

Honing Coordination and Balance

Hanging off bars, climbing up slides, jumping on trampolines, running from one play equipment to another all provide children with a chance to pursue heart-healthy exercises that also help build their muscles. Furthermore, it also works on a child’s gross motor and flexibility skills eventually safeguarding them from injuries commonly encountered during play time. Some free play in a controlled and safe environment such as the one offered at Funky Monkeys allows children to gain confidence in their own bodies and explore ways to use them in constructive ways.

Additional Educational Benefits

By offering children a chance to learn through spontaneous play and hands-on discovery, indoor play areas help nurture confident, happy children. Indoor play areas encourage creativity and a chance to act out scenarios that broaden their imagination. What may look like simple play on the surface is actually a process where a child is picking up on vital life skills. Cognitive connections are being built that help boost the growth of brain cells.

In addition to being an exciting kids birthday party venue, an indoor play area presents a unique opportunity for parents and educators to contribute to a child’s formative years.

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