Why you need to Plan School Group Morning Trips to Indoor Play Areas

While schools in India constantly endeavour to deliver to its’ students holistic learning and growth opportunities; it is not always possible for educational establishments to make room for fully-equipped spaces that cater to every aspect of physical well-being for children. Planning school group morning trips to indoor play areas within the schooling community is a great way to provide your students access to a fun and exciting space that helps hone a variety of physical and cognitive skills.

Getting out of the Comfort Zone

Even if your school may offer some engaging activities all day long, visiting an indoor play area as a class allows students to venture into a relatively unfamiliar environment, affording the students to develop a number of critical interpersonal and social skills. Working with play equipment that students haven’t mastered through everyday play can present unique challenges that help develop their troubleshooting abilities.

School group mornings are not only fun, but also encourage children to be active through free play. The ‘Free Play’ concept allows kids to explore, experience and develop. Besides coordination and muscle development, children develop imagination, enhance creativity and build confidence.

Furthermore, indoor play areas offer kid friendly environments where real-life applications on various skills can be put to test. Interacting with staff at the play zone, learning how to have fun while also putting on your best behaviour while among other people, are all skills children pick up on when visiting a new place.

Introducing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Concepts

While school group mornings at indoor play areas may look less educational and more like a “reward” outing, a couple of hours at a play zone can create a number of STEM learning opportunities. As children explore the various zones in a play area, they will be using physics and math to evaluate speed, special reasoning, and understand action versus consequences.

Creating Teachable Moments

Indoor play areas allow you to introduce your students to a diversity of things and environments giving teachers access to new teachable moments. Teachers can encourage students to get creative, solve problems and even encourage role play. What looks like instruction free play time is an opportunity for kids to build their cognitive connections and enhance their learning ability by boosting their brain cells.

Planning a School Group Morning at an Indoor Play Area

Most indoor play areas offer special rates for school groups willing to bring in students. Coordinators at play areas are more than happy to help schools identify a day and schedule that accommodates all the students at the play area with ease.

Studies show that children who engage in physical activity regularly are healthier physically as well as emotionally. Being physically fit keeps them motivated in school, allowing them to tackle the challenges of modern-day education with willingness and an alert mind.