Age Specific Birthday Party Guide

Do you remember what your birthday party was like when you were a kid? Draped streamers around the house, a fancy cake, etc. If planned properly, hosting a kids birthday party can be a lot of fun. Take the time to consider your childs age and interest, before deciding on the venue and type of entertainment. What may entertain a 10 yr. old will not necessarily entertain a 3 yr. old. However choosing a theme is very important for any age group. Once youve decided on that, planning the party is easy. Follow the tips mentioned in the Birthday party guide below to make your party planning a piece of cake!

Age 1 to 3

The first birthday party is more a celebration for the parents. Its tempting to go a little overboard as it is more of celebration of your first year at parenthood. However keeping it simple and taking a lot of photos is the only way to preserve memories of this wonderful day for your child.At such a young age no Birthday party guide will ever be able to help you control your childs mood. Small kids generally between 1to 3years of age are moody. They can be happy one moment and cranky the next moment. So you need to be prepared for a full range of emotions. An indoor play center that offers a colorful and engaging toddler zone with children your child is familiar with is the best option for this age group.

Age 3to Age 8

Children in this age group are full of energy, with imaginations that run wild. Short interesting games, engaging entertainment along with some music are ideal for the party. Consider having the party at an indoor play center as such centers have a variety of play elements and entertaining equipment to keep kids engaged and busy for hours. A Superhero, Princess or any character your child loveswould also be much appreciated, as most kids at this age love a theme birthday.

Kids of any age group love food thats easy to eat. Pizzas, pastas, French fries, smilies, burgers etc. are the best option. You could also shape sandwiches with the help of a cookie cutter. You could also consider having live stations such as a waffle or crepe station and an ice cream station. Kids love this as they can choose and make their own dessert.

Age 8 to Age 12

At this age most children know what type of party they want so its better to include them in the entire planning process so that they are happy and involved. A play zone that offers activities such as rock climbing, an adventure zone and a trampoline zone could be a good option for older kids.