Five Things your Toddler can do at an Indoor Play Area

Believe it or not, indoor play areas are not only for older kids. Increasingly, indoor play areas are offering specially designed toddler zones that give a chance to babies as young as 6 months old to toddlers up to 3 years old a chance to create their own special adventure in a safe and controlled environment. As they learn how to crawl, walk and explore, these zones offer the right amount of stimulation required to achieve they key milestones in a child’s growing years. Here are a few things that your toddler can do and achieve at indoor play areas –

1. Fun in the Ball Pit

Ball pits or pools are often a favourite among babies and toddlers. While you may think that the objective of a ball pool is simply providing joy to your little one, there are a number of key skills your toddler develops in there. For starters, ball pools are a great space to practice mindfulness. To take care of one’s own safety while also making sure the other children are safe during play is a skill toddlers can pick up in a ball pool. Similarly, they are an excellent way to encourage cooperative play and social skills when more than one child is playing in a ball pool together. Eye hand coordination is another key skill kids pick up after spending a few minutes in ball pits on a regular basis. Finally, children find ball pools to be quite relaxing.

2. Early STEM Learning with Soft Blocks

It’s never too early to introduce blocks into your child’s life. Watch your child explore, imagine and learn as they play with soft blocks. While it may open doors to an imaginary world for some kids, the others may show skills in stacking and building from an early age. With skills such as special reasoning, logic and creativity being honed, you are essentially building a foundation for effective STEM learning in the long run.

3. Enhance Balance and Coordination with Slides

Most play areas in Mumbai offer slides for younger children. Slides are known to promote balance and co-ordination in children. While large motor milestones vary in each child, anywhere from 1.5 years and up, children begin to independently climb and slide down slides. The act of successfully positioning and pushing themselves down a slide helps build balance and coordination. Equipment such as slides present healthy physical challenges that help increase strength and development of lean muscle in kids.

4. Develop Motor Skills with Activity Panels

Interactive and engaging activity wall panels are designed to build hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills. These imaginative panels combine splashes of sound, colour, music or motion to stimulate the senses and encourage interaction at a very young age.

5. Growing your Child’s Imagination with Pretend Play

Enchanted playhouses and carousels inside toddler zones allow the little ones to practice and role play their interpretation of the world around them. These activities help develop social skills, enhance their negotiation skills and teach them how to share and take turns. They also teach discipline, inculcate a sense of empathy and help grow one’s imagination. In addition to this, play areas offer a variety of other fun toddler friendly activities and equipment such as soft steps, balance beams, punching bags, play houses, stimulating wall panels rich in colour, sounds and motion; each one contributing to the large and fine motor development of a child. With toddler zones, indoor play areas also become an attractive option when looking for an enjoyable kid’s birthday party venue.